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Sas bi training

Course Description

Business intelligence or BI is a set of processes, strategies, solutions, technologies, and systems for data collection, analysis and management. It aims to generate business insights that aid in executive decisions and strategic planning.

Commonly called BI, it is leveraged now by even small businesses with the help of scalable and affordable cloud BI solutions. These tools feature historical, current and predictive data analytics that help companies improve operational efficiency and overall business competitiveness.

it’s a set of enterprise business intelligence tools developed by SAS (apps for small and midsize businesses are available). These tools are further segregated into specific purposes, such as: fraud & security intelligence, supply chain intelligence, customer intelligence, decision management, data management and risk management.

SAS Business Intelligence as a whole consists of the two separate elements - Enterprise Business Intelligence and Business Visualization. The first of them is responsible for ensuring that all the capabilities are enabled and easy to use. The second, though, may be considered an addition as it provides a powerful business visualization studio, allowing users to explore the ideas and information in a dynamic and interactive way.

Business intelligence in SAS products are also packaged by industry, such as for automotive, banking, consumer goods, defense & security, healthcare and utilities. Solutions for educators and students are also provided by the vendor, namely, SAS Academic Programs that help learning institutions create degree programs, build courses, grant certificates and develop their network of SAS users.

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